An OUTSTANDING MAN and his EXTRAORDINARY WIFE built something in 1967 that has INSPIRED ever since!

Amerikick Martial Arts was started in 1967 by Dennis Tosten. His incredible PASSION for learning martial arts was rivaled only by his insatiable DESIRE to share his knowledge with students. Dennis was the first of his time to blend great martial arts with the art of communication. He truly is a master of taking complicated ideas and making them simple.

A few years after opening his location, Dennis married one of the most empowering women in the martial arts community, Sharon. Sharon, like any great spouse, saw Dennis's ability and the potential of expanding to inspire more and more students. Because of their VISION, thousands of people are educated, trained and EMPOWERED every day!

The STORY of Amerikick continues today at each of it's locations. More chapters are being added to a rich INSPIRING history...


Dennis and Sharon Tosten are a power couple who have touched so many lives, including this content writer!

Amerikick is more than just the best MARTIAL ARTS and best KICKBOXING center, it's a family. Countless students train in the program and countless graduates return to EXPRESS the IMPACT that Amerikick has had on them as human beings!

The vision of bringing this EXPERIENCE as a ripple effect to dedicated students across the country has been a lifelong mission. As a result, Dennis and Sharon trained, built, attracted some of the most talented people in the business: people with an EXTRAORDINARY ability in sport martial arts and in the realm of EDUCATION!

The Amerikick organization currently has 25 locations and is in a full expansion mindset. Being the leaders in the industry of martial arts and fitness kickboxing, the association is growing rapidly. With more black belts being earned exponentially and more fitness transformations taking place, Amerikick is happy to serve. Don't wait any longer to check out the closest location!


Amerikick, like other GREAT ORGANIZATIONS, is always evolving!

Amerikick hosts one of the biggest Sport Martial Arts tournaments in the country. It has developed the most EFFECTIVE bully prevention campaign in the market, has empowered countless families with it's CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT initiative and has physically transformed thousands of FITNESS KICKBOXERS! And YESSSSSS!! Amerikick is consistently adding more programs designed to take students to NEW HEIGHTS! In short, Amerikick brings it!

Amerikick's curriculum has helped create athletes, leaders, sport martial artists, teachers... It's CULTURE isn't just good, it's INFECTIOUS! Members of the Amerikick community are connected and extensions of the FAMILY. Check out a location near you to get started!

Chris Millares, CDO Amerikick