Address: 3332 Limekiln Pk. Chalfont, Pa 18914

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we are offering 10 cardio kickboxing classes for $49


  1. Oldest school in the area established 1967
  2. Absolutely the lowest prices – Lower than the YMCA
  3. NO CONTRACTS- That’s correct no contracts.We know you will stay because you will love our great classes.
  4. Nationally ranked Champion Instructors, No one has more experience working with students and bringing them to their fullest potential than the instructors at AMERIKICK. Home of 10th Degree Black Belt Grand Master Dennis Tosten.
  5. Rated #1 Karate school in the U.S. by the National Black Belt League
  6. 4 to 1 student instructor ratio
  7. Proven results in raising grades, through improved focus, goal setting and self discipline with our unique Bully proofing and Character Development programs.
  8. Effective self defense and champion building martial arts with our AIT certified and world champion instructors. Our instructors have been featured on ESPN, FOX , ABC as part of the Amerikick National Sport team, and teaching over 48,000 women how to defend themselves from predators.
  9. Lots of fun.Our students leave class happy smiling, refreshed and a little smarter every time.
  10. Excellent cardio, flexibility, strength, conditioning, coordination and timing development. Our AMERIKICK training has been used by major sports teams, such as the PHILLIES and the CHEIFS
  11. Teaching Lessons for Life- Leadership Skills, perseverance and how to say NO


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Dennis Tosten

Grandmaster Tosten trained with and received his black belts from world famous martial artists including Joe Lewis (the first full contact heavy weight kickboxing champion of the world), Ed Parker (founder and Grandmaster of American Kenpo) and Remy Presas (founder and Grandmaster of Filipino Modern Arnis)
Dr. Mon Gyi (Founder of the Bando system. Grandmaster Dennis Tosten’s martial arts credentials are numerous. He is a 10th degree black belt in Kenpo Karate, a 9th degree black belt in American Kenpo, a 5th degree black belt in Modern Arnis, a master level instructor in the Joe Lewis fighting system a black belt in Shotakan and Tae Kwon Do and a master level instructor in Judo. Grandmaster Tosten has traveled the world teaching martial arts in many foreign countries including Canada, Mexico, Australia and Ireland. Grandmaster Tosten is a former world champion competitor having competed on the national and international tournament circuits. He was a top rated competitor in forms, sparring and weapons. He also holds titles in Olympic style Tae Kwon Do and has fought and trained full contact fighting and boxing.

Sharon Tosten

9th Degree Black Belt
Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do
Sharon Tosten holds a master level 9th degree black belt in Kenpo karate as well as a black belt in Tae Kwon Do, Wushu and certifications in Judo, JuJitsu, Shotokan, and Arnis. Sharon is an International competitor. In addition to her Karate competition and instruction, Sharon is a graduate of the Orlando Stunt Company and a member of the Screen and Actor Guild. In her spare time, Sharon has worked on several feature films and has produced and directed two independent films. Sharon is also an awarded winning author having published three books in the fictional series Troy’s Amazing Universe.

Kevin Schlueter- 3rd Degree Black Belt-International Sparring Champion-Weapons Master and Demo Team Coach. Working at Amerikick for the last 12 years Sensei Kevin Has developed into enthusiastic,disciplined, Martial Artist.

Sensei Andrew Bacchus is a 2nd degree blackbelt, and a member of the Amerikick National Karate Team. He is an extremely talented sport martial artist who continues to compete on the NASKA competition circuit, as well as sharing his talents with our students.

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