Karate Kids

The main goals of the Karate Kids’ classes are to teach the full Amerikick karate curriculum and develop skilled martial artists, leaders, and well-rounded human beings. The ages range from 7-13 and include, beginner, intermediate, advanced, and black belt levels.

The karate kids’ curriculum includes a variety of traditional styles, in addition to more contemporary modern martial arts. Your child will learn the kicks of Tae Kwon Do, the hand strikes of boxing and kung fu, the blocks and punches of shotokan, the self-defense of kenpo and the take downs and ground defense of Judo. The karate kids’ curriculum also includes sport karate training, weapons training, extreme martial arts, sparring and kickboxing training. All of these components have been selected and designed over the past 40 years at Amerikick to give your child the best training on their journey to black belt.

In addition to the world champion physical training, your child will also participate in the Amerikick Character Development program. This program is the mental and spiritual part of your child’s training and it is designed to develop the children into well-rounded human beings in school, at home, and in society. The character development program incorporates assignments, tasks and check lists for categories like sharing, kindness, duties, goals and more. The Character Development program is part of the students’ curriculum training and mandatory for belt promotion.

Through the Karate Kids program, your child will improve their health and fitness through our class workouts and experienced training. They will gain confidence and focus by learning self-defense and sparring techniques, as well as increase their balance, dexterity and hand-eye coordination through the weapons and kickboxing training. These benefits are life changing and possibly life-saving. The skills learned through Amerikick will stay with your child their entire lives.