BURN UP TO 700 Calories in 1 Hour!

Fitness Kickboxing is one the fastest growing forms of exercise among adults today. It’s an exciting, fast-paced workout that’s perfect for building cardiovascular endurance, building strength, and toning muscles.

Fitness Kickboxing gives you all the fun of karate (kicking, punching, and working out) without any of the serious parts (uniforms, belts, tests).

The work out changes every class, meaning your muscles never get used to it..which helps you burn the maximum amount of calories! Just 2 classes a week will make you slimmer, firmer and give you the hot toned body you’ve always wanted! For the body of your dreams … Why wait?
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“I started AMERIKICK Kick Boxing in Jan 2012, and it was easily the hardest thing I have ever done. Those first months were really tough, even now, one year later, classes are really challenging but always fun. I look forward to each class, 3 x per week even Saturday. I love the work out, I love the people I have met I especially love my instructors. I have noticed some amazing changes in myself since I began the kickboxing and I will continue! I feel great and I have lost 35 pounds.” J.F Warminster, PA

“I am a cancer survivor and the chemo and radiation left me weak and lethargic. I did not want to waste away sitting around feeling sorry for myself. So I started Kick Boxing at AMERIKICK. It was tough at first but I stayed with it but the results are great. I quickly got my groove back and the ability to Enjoy Life!“ KM Hatboro, PA

“ Cardio Kick Boxing at AMERIKICK has given me a new perspective on life. I am in much better shape, more focused and much happier. I told my instructors since I have been training I have stopped going to my therapist. Getting your body in shape gets your mind in shape. KP Horsham, PA

“I am an honors student in college and in between the classes and homework I found myself putting on weight. I had less energy, and trouble focusing in class. I started Kick Boxing at AMERIKICK and I love it! I quickly lost those extra pounds and more. I’m more energetic and get more done. I strongly recommend AMERIKICK to all who want to have amazing results! GR Warrington ,PA