Tiny Tigers

Amerikick Tiny tigers

    The Amerikick Tiny Tigers Program is specifically designed for children ages 3 to 4.  This special program was developed by our trained staff of professionals to meet your child’s unique needs which include:  Self Discipline, Focus, Concentration, Listening Skills, Coordination and Teamwork.  With the use of our proven teaching methods, your child will learn and develop skills that will carry over to other areas of their lives including Home and School.

   The class is structured to motivate our children, while at the same time teaching the values of the Amerikick Martial Arts.  This is accomplished through positive reinforcement and praise in the classroom.  The curriculum is designed to be fun, easy and informative.

   We encourage parents to watch class, but it is not necessary.  On occasion, we will find that some children are distracted by the presence of their parents.  This is normal in the beginning and will eventually dissipate as the children become more comfortable.  It is also normal for the children to be shy for the first few classes, after which you will see a gradual improvement in their level of participation and development of social skills.  We only ask for patience and positive reinforcement from the parents to receive maximum results from our program.

   Working with your child at home is an integral part of their training.  It helps them to remember their class material and keeps their interest level high.  More importantly is the way you can have a positive effect on your child.  Five to ten minutes a day of practice is recommended.  Be enthusiastic and have lots of patience.

   The Tiny Tigers learn approximately half of what the older kids learn and at a pace they can comprehend.  It is our intention, and the goal of the Tiny Tigers Program, to have your child graduate into the Little Dragons (5-6 years old).  The time it takes to graduate varies from child to child.