Pre-Qualification is nothing more than an initial conversation. Let's take some time to learn about each other, explore your goals and see it we are a right fit for each other. The last thing we are going to do provide an opportunity that doesn't meet both of our goals. At Amerikick we want to build a strong relationship with each of our franchisees. This starts with the pre-qualification process.

Program Review

Once we've mutually decided that this might be a great fit, let's dig deeper into the Amerikick concept. The Amerikick Program review is a 5,000 ft view of the franchise. At this point, we're looking at revenue, income, value proposition, programs, locations, process, wholesale partnerships and operations. We'll have an accurate sense of our goals and if there is a viable opportunity for a relationship.

Disclosure Review

The FDD (Franchise Disclosure Document) can be an overwhelming document. Let's work together, take in the FDD with small digestible pieces and dive right in to learning everything about there is to know about owning an Amerikick Franchise. The FDD is a tell all document that we encourage you to review thoroughly with our development team.

Franchise Validation

When we make it this far, we are very certain that formalizing the relationship is highly probable. We've learned a ton about each other and are ready to move forward in opening a new Amerikick. Any last minute questions and discussions are buttoned up at this point.

Discovery Day

This is a time to celebrate because we have reached an exciting milestone. We are formalizing the relationship moving on to find the right location. At this point we are implementing all of the systems that make you and Amerikick great. When we reach this point it's appropriate to say, welcome to the family!